1917 Blick 9 Cheapside London Typewriter

1917 Blick 9 Cheapside London Typewriter


c1917 Blick 9 Travel Typewriter.

The No 5 was the first travel typwriter in the world

This model No9, is the rarest with only 10,000 produced for worldwide distribution.

The two standout features are the interchangeable type wheel allowing font and language changes such as Arabic.

The second is the "Scientific Keyboard" not a Querty which everyone believes to be typical.

Blickensderfer determined that 85% of words contained these letters, DHIATENSOR.

This positioning allowed the typist to keep their hands on the hone row as much as possible, minimising hand movement and increasing efficiency. The QWERTY Keyboard introduced on the Shokes and Glidden machine in 1874 was purely for mechanical reasons and the chances of the keys striking each other and jamming was more limited with this configuration. Because the Blickensderfer used the typewheel, the "Scientific" Keyboard layout could be used for maximum efficiency.

We have restored this piece to original working order and brought the Oak case and base back to life.

It's ingenious design makes this a beautiful and very rare collectable piece.