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"Its alive I tell you, ALIVE!"

YES! the Fork Handle Revival (FHR) website is live and here is the first of our weekly blogs from it.

I want to use this little promotional ditty to thank everyone who has helped get FHR up and running.

I wish I had started this a long long time ago and it feels like I have finally found my perfect job and "I'm lovin it" :)

This all started with Ruby, my daughter and her bestie friend Maisie Wilks. I met her Mum, mad Pip Wilks who then introduced me to the even madder Dee Grit who with her ever patient partner Paul Elkins run an auction. "Come with a pound" they said and off I went.

What I didn't realise was that I could indulge myself in my passion for old things and restoring things and selling things and making people happy all in one go.

Then my friends and family got infected with my enthusiasm.

Zoe, my wife and Ruby my daughter, will you go without while I chase this idea I have?

Can you make me a logo? I asked my oldest friend Sarah Fearne?

Have you got any ideas? Nadine O'Connor

Can we build a website Darren Renton?

Can you polish this for free please? Lee Cockerham

Would you invest in some stock? I said to some secret friends and family as investors.

I have sold and revived items of my own that were good presents, items from auction, items from Facebook, items found in friends sheds and items from deceased estates. I don't know what is coming next or where from. To enjoy this business you say good bye to the rat race, you don't bother with 9-5 or 5 day working weeks.

All of it is brilliant, interesting and great fun. I want my business to grow and be successful that I can provide for my family, and I hope it lasts until my dying day.

Thank to everyone for their support, I hope you like my new business, enjoy the items I sell and maybe, one day you to will own an item from Fork Handle Revival.

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