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Sneaky look?

I hope I am known for telling it how it is?

This has been a very hard few weeks at Fork Handle but I know its not just me. At this time of year it gets harder to find good items and I have had to choose some that need more work than I like. Ideally an item can be sold as original as possible and as soon as possible otherwise I am not taking any money while I am reviving.

However on the day I was going to get stuck into the reviving in the garage, the news broke and the unjust tragedy that is the Manchester attacks tried to make itself real in our consciousness. As the week unfolded pictures of the people killed were shown to us and even though we didn't know them still we look at those pictures and struggle to understand how a family could ever recover from losing such a beautiful person.

Our lives must go on and we should never let these low life, moronic cowards stop us from living and loving life.

So after a few down days I cracked on. I managed to buy to very cool men's pieces, both for revival and one is already under way. I have a 1940s Men's occasional wardrobe and a 1970s Triang chain driven pedal kart. The wardrobe was covered in thick white paint and is being stripped very carefully while trying to save the original finish underneath. Its has all its original fitments, badges and labels which make it worth saving.

That's a sneaky look at what's coming very soon but if you want to see our new items, go to the shop and see this weeks new items and our NEW space.

Yes, we have expanded and doubled in size! We also have been given the privilege of displaying items in the new Lounge Area which is a great place to chill and consider purchasing items in realistic setting.

So please come down and see what Fork Handle Revival has in retro vintage and antique items have for your life today.

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