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Valuable lessons from children, animals and some adults.

Yes, of course I have been busy this post is just about today and specifically this morning.

A good friend has started work in a charity shop in Southampton. They cant sell furs, pretend or real and they cant sell electronics and so I went to see if they were any good for me to sell. Fork Handle now owns some very gorgeous fur berets, neck warmers and a muff, absolutely the best accessories for the vintage enthusiast lady. We also own our first dog which is K-9 from Doctor Who!

As a package it was a risky buy as I may have bought items that wont sell or don't work but it been good fun trying both out and it is all up for sale.

If my day hadn't started weird enough, it got weirder!

Having just bought a new pair of trainers online, old season models and in a sale! I was interested in a little shop called Foot Uk who looked to be selling trainers.

I went in and was approached immediately by the owner who asked if he could help?

I said I was just looking.

He said sorry you cant, you need to be a member!

I said its a shop and I just want to look.

He said its my shop and I only allow members in here and its my choice and as I have been trading for 18 months I know it works!

This got my attention and once we had both lowered our guard and I explained my interest he in return explained he position.

He sells rare models of trainers, the latest styles and very expensive, around £300 a pair and more! Either you want a pair of shoes he has for sale or you don't and if you do, you have the money.

No umming or arring. No trying on to see how they feel or does my bum look big in these?

If you go into his shop its because you want to buy, can and will, no messing about!

He said its controversial and he has had a lot of complaints but not from the people who buy from him! I like his style and his business strategy.

My next visit of the day was to buy batteries for my dog, K-9!

I went to Tesco Express Millbrook. £8 for 8 Duracell and a bottle of Smart water 65p I thought that's expensive batteries and that I would try the ig Tesco up the road. Same company but I had an idea. Same batteries were £6 and the water was 60p. Ok the woman behind the till was a misery and hadn't smiled since 1974 but it was alot cheaper.

When I was driving out of the car park a woman was dragging her child up the car par to the shop, I did the polite this and let them cross. She didn't acknowledge my kindness and with fag in mouth continued dragging the child. The child, a young boy of 6 or 7 years old, waved, smiled and mouthed thank you.

So there is hope in society even if the politicians offer us none! Its just with children, animals and a few adults.


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