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All the best laid plans!

June and August are hard trading months. The weather is good and everyone is out or they are getting holidays in before the prices go up. Fork Handle has traded well with an expansion to the stall and looking at doing some events. I have booked space at the Victory Wheelers show at Stanstead House, Havant for Sunday 23rd July and Summer Vintage Fair at the Ageas bowl on Sunday 30th July. So the initial focus should be on buying automotive items for the wheelers custom car show.

BUT what do I buy?! A boat!! The polar opposite!!!

But I defend myself here, I always said I wanted original, old and interesting items so I think I bought well :)

The shop have enjoyed it, I hope you like it X

What's more interesting is that it folds away, how could I resist?! Have a look at some of the other pieces we have bought for you, they really are good.

If you cant get to the shop come and see us at an event.

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