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Fork Handle Revival, in 2018, has grown and grown.

At the end of the month, when the bills are due, it feels as though nothing is selling quick enough and there isnt enough money to make a living! This entrepreneur wonders what the hell else he can do!!!

It can be refreshing to stop and take stock of the business. I'm not the kind of guy to literally do a stock check but its been good to look back at what has been achieved this year.

The stall in Robins nest has doubled in size this year to a 12'x6' stall and we opened the Mirror Wall in the café. It was a tough start to the year and I was nearly forced to leave because the stall wasn't paying the rent but it is certainly coming good now. Constantly playing with the stock and learning what sells is working.

Very sad to say that in June my Gramps died but thanks to him working hard all his life I was left with a little inheritance.

I invested most of Gramps money in the business which included buying a 2006 Ford Transit with bigger capacity, opened a second stall at the Bournemouth Vintage Emporium and rented storage space and a workshop.

The business can now offer collection, clearance and delivery. We are producing "Revived" pieces at the workshop which is where we get creative and bring you unique pieces. The recent Tanoy megaphone, railway trolley and industrial cupboard have come in October alone.

We are now working on creating a one off industrial dining table from oak and over 1 ton of Victorian ban saw!

The Bournemouth Emporium allows us to sell our more specialised pieces to an establish Vintage fanatic demographic, It was a tough start and again we were considering our place there but as we type away here some excellent sales figures have just come in.

I must have done something right as a very good friend approached me and asked if he could invest in the business. Making his position very clear, Jack Vlad, said he didn't want to do the people contact bit but would get the workshop organised and focused and generally increase productivity. Only a week in and its been bloody brilliant! Workshop looks great, more stock out for sale and I almost know what I am doing from one day to the next!

The website has also been updated and now has fully operational online sales, so there is no excuse for not buying!!

As far as you guys are concerned, we have never had such a big range of stock that's getting producing rarer and more interesting items. Now is the time to buy that someone special, something special!

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