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Hello everyone, we hope you are all well? Sorry we have been so busy, we hope you haven't wandered to the dark side, Ikea, while we were working hard?!

While the weather has been so changeable we have been locked away in our country retreat workshop trying to work hard and not fall totally in love with our own pieces of work!

Some beautiful chairs have been finished and we have also worked on some more industrial drawers and chests.

I am afraid most have sold immediately but there are some gorgeous things to see on our stall at Bournemouth Vintage Emporium and if you go to our other one at Robins Nest in Southampton you will see the latest pieces we recovered from a time warp house clearance from Bittern.

We are focused on retaining originality and patina while preserving it to give you guys many many more years enjoyment.

We have rebuilt our stall at Robins Nest, to give a more compact exciting shopping experience while also keeping our costs down. We have a few special features to finish which we will have done by the end of March. Trying to be the best is hard work! :)

Keep and eye open for our Spring stock which will include some special bits for planting in the garden such as galvanised industrial drawers, and buckets, a toilet systern and some ships funnels!

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